The ‘F3’ Story

Hi! I’m Fran (short for Fransisca), full-time Digital Designer who also likes to write. Ever since I was little, I’ve always kept a journal… simply, to just record things that were happening around me in school, my family, or just to ramble about a boy I liked. The difference between now and then is a padlock I had on my journal (no one was to find out my secret thoughts). But I grew up and life experiences are too good not to document and share.

So, why F3?

I have plenty of nicknames. People would just make and combine words with ‘Fran’, like… FRANgipane, FRANjo, FRANjelita, FRANdemonium, FRANtastic (oh Lord…). Over the years the list grew bigger, and those just stuck with me. The 3 main topics of this journal are food, travel and sport (in particular Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). I wanted to use my initials and kept the nickname theme going, so… F3: Food, Fitness and Faraway Places.

Fran Finds Food


As the title suggests, this part is all about food. You’ll find loads of food pictures, recipes and places to go for food.

Frangipane Files Far


This one is about travel and fun in general. I write about the places I visit, events, hotels and more.

Frantic Fury Fights


WTH, right? First of all, the fight here is ‘controlled’. This part revolves around Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training, competition and fitness in general. I like to be fit, my aim is to get stronger (as strong as a 47kg human can get) and be a REALLY GOOD BJJ practitioner. I’ll share training routines, BJJ techniques from my coach, competition journey, and the occasional interview with knowledgeable/inspiring people in the sport.

All the pictures in this journal were taken by me, or by someone else on my phone (usually my mum) unless credited otherwise. Hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing this journal.