Short Exercises for Grapplers: Fix Rounded Posture, Increase Hip Mobility and Prevent Neck Injury

Injuries and training… I have made peace with myself that in some form or another, I will always have something wrong with my body. Training most days and sometimes picking up injuries before a big competition is very common. It happens almost every time, 2 weeks out from a competition and I would hurt my hip, or my knee and I would be limping for days. Often the diagnose from X-rays will tell me that I cannot train for 6-8 weeks. Right then Doctor… you’ve got to be joking right? The thing is, I am guilty for not looking after myself properly. That is, stretching before and after class, do strength training for weak parts of my body and mostly… go to see a Sports Therapist regularly to fix those niggles and keep my limbs working properly. I wonder how many of us are guilty of not looking after ourselves properly with the amount of training we do?

Our resident Therapist at Fighting Fit Manchester, Russell Batchelor (or Magician as I’d like to think of him) is fantastic at fixing people up. I may have mentioned this in my previous blog, but, he made me walk again after I limped for 4 days because of a hip flexor injury I picked up in training. He makes short exercise videos which I found really helpful and have started to do now quite regularly. So, let’s address some of the common issues and what exercises you can do to help fix them.

  • Issue 01: Rounded posture – when your shoulders are rounded forward to the front of your body.
    • Exercises: Wall angels, face pulls.
  • Issue 02: Neck injury – let’s face it… those guillotines, numerous amount of being sprawled on, those snap downs… will put tremendous stress on the neck.
    • Exercises: Assisted neck strengthening/stretch with band.
  • Issue 03: Hip mobility – a very important asset for grapplers. The exercises below are easy to do and great for warm ups.
    • Exercises: Hip rotations, 90/90 glute stretch, single leg glute bridge.

I’ve been doing the exercises above since the beginning of the year and they help a lot, especially with my hips. To summarise…

  • Take time to stretch before and after class or in your own time.
  • Do small activation warm ups.
  • Do pay attention to your posture and parts of the body that are weak or giving you problems and work on strengthening them (ask a professional to help you of course).
  • Do get regular sport massages to get your body in good condition (a personal recommendation).

Happy training!

Contact Russell Batchelor:
Follow Russell @batchsportstherapy

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