Angkor Soul: A Cambodian Gem In Altrincham

Cambodian food?? Never tried one before! I was intrigued when I saw a review on Facebook about a Cambodian restaurant located in Altrincham. The market in Altrincham has lots of good food, drinks and just unique things in general. Love that place, so I don’t mind going all the way there (or close to the area) to find different food to try. I was thinking in my head what would Cambodian food be like? A quick look at Angkor Soul menu, made me think about Vietnamese and Thai food combined. They serve noodle bowls, summer rolls, rice dishes, salads and more.

After a 30 minute drive from Manchester city centre, looking for parking wasn’t hard. There was plenty of side road parking and it was cheap to park. The first thing I saw walking up towards the restaurant was orange. Bright orange. You can’t miss the place. Combined with wall art, wooden seats and tables inside, the place is small, humble and have that homely feeling about it.

On to the food…

I had my food buddy with me, and he likes to eat big… it’s a good thing really so I can see what the food is like. Here’s what we ordered.


A consistent taste from most of the order today is sweet. Spicy and sweet, or sour and sweet or just… sweet. But, in general, very good food. The broth for Kuthiew was made with oxtail, packed with noodles, brisket and meatballs in a bowl sprinkled with fresh red onions and spring onions. The size was big even though I ordered the small bowl. I love spicy food and herbs, this dish comes with fresh chillies, herbs, bean sprouts and a slice of lemon. The beef… deserve a special mention. Tender and flavourful. From the brisket to the steak in the sandwich, they were well marinated and was just a delight to eat.

angkor soul noodle-square

The salad starter I had was a vegetarian option with tofu. In fact, this place is Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly. I do appreciate a place that can cater to specific food choices. The lunch menu has quite a variety you can choose from, but the dessert… not so much, there were only 4 options available. But still, the Indonesian in me is always up for eating a black rice pudding, especially when it’s served hot! The sweet palm sugar with black rice, combine with savoury coconut milk, don’t you just enjoy a good sweet dessert after a spicy meal? Black rice pudding is a common dessert in south-east Asia, so I was looking forward to trying what this one would be like in comparison.

angkor soul black rice dessert_square

Not the best-looking dessert I would say, but delicious and filling. Very sticky in consistency though, more so than what I normally would make/eat. The Cambodian fruit salad looked refreshing with exotic fruits like lychee and jackfruit but, they’re from cans and not fresh.

Overall, definitely a place I would come back to, to have another 3-course meal. Good value for money especially if you want to try something a little different.

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