Satay: The Popular Indonesian Street Food


Originated in Java, Indonesia, Satay is a popular street food that has become a national dish. Diced/sliced pieces of meat are seasoned and then skewered with bamboo sticks. This street vendor sells chicken and goat, although Satay can have many meat variations from rabbit, to seafood or even organs such as intestines or liver.

grilled satay

Grilled goat satay

The meat is cut thinly here and they are mixed with a chunk of fat in the middle of the skewer. This is how you typically get goat satay, also, some can have 3 or 4 pieces of meat on each skewer. The ingredients to marinating satay are turmeric and savoury seasoning. The cook simply puts a little bit of sweet soy on the raw satay, mixed them up before putting them on the charcoal grill, and fanning the meat with a hand-held bamboo fan. The meat is very well marinated and was very tasty and tender.


You can have this dish served with lontong (rice cake wrapped in banana leaf), then topped with a combination of regular or spicy peanut sauce and sweet soy. Even better, with a little bit of squeezed lime, some dried shallots and acar (pickle).



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